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    Join us for a memorable day on the water! We offer trips from half, full day and custom fishing, spearfishing and scuba diving charters. Wrecked Charters offers more than fishing and diving! Come aboard for an excursion to see the sights, catch a glimpse of the dolphins and our vast wildlife, explore uninhabited islands, and collect some of the most beautiful shells that the Florida Keys has to offer. 

    When it comes to fishing, we offer any trip that SW Florida can offer. Whether it is Back Bay for the family, Tarpon for the experienced angler, or Deep Sea for the fight of a lifetime, you will surely be pleased. We provide the finest service on the water. Not only do we offer a vast assortment of trips but we will coach you through each fight to help insure you land that Trophy Fish.

    When it comes down to spearfishing you will be supplied all the gear needed to shoot and land a fish. I will personally get in the water with you and make sure the hunt is safe and you are shooting properly. Im a strong believer in buddy diving and don’t allow one diver in the water at a time. I will go off your skill set and have some of most remarkable/breathtaking spots you can feast your eyes upon. From diving down on a 523-foot shipwreck to vast Coral Reefs the beauty will leave you speechless.

    Call us now to discuss which option might be best for your party. If there is only one or two in your party and you can't book a private trip than in some cases we can put you with a split trip or other group. Check the calendar for fishing trips that are listed as open, and it will tell you how many spots are available, where we are leaving from and what type of fishing/spearfishing trip it is. We highly recommend booking your trip private to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for. Also when you share a trip you share the chance at landing the big fish too! For complete details on our types of trips we offer call my cell at (305) 393-6117